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Electronic Circuit Board Cards How To Automatically Detect
Electronic circuit board also exists on the system stability, suitability needs to be improved, interface connectors for further improvement of the shortcomings, in the engineer...
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In the year 2004, Surpass Printed Circuit Board Co.,Ltd was founded and established in SHENZHEN. We are specialized in producing high-density, double-sided, Multi-layer printed circuit boards of high-tech enterprise. Our Plant area consist of 20,000 sq/m..  After years of rapid development, our company has the ability and technology to produce from 2 to 30 layers laminates with buried, blind plate, thick copper, mixed plate, high TG boards and high precision impedance control boards. Our HDI boards have a wealth of experience in production.
Our current monthly delivery capacity is up to 50.000 sq/m.. Our High-tech products are widely used in telecommunications , medical, aerospace, defense, automotive, computer peripheral products, and other professional institutions. With a strong, stable quality and fast delivery, our products are widely recognized by our customers in these industries.


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